Without your training, I most likely would have reverted back to the mentality of “counted rounds” like during a range qualification. But I was able to send a controlled wall of lead downrange until the suspect was no longer a threat. Also, as I deployed to the scene, I checked my safety and it was on. The next time I checked my safety was after the shooting and it was on. Through hours of training and repetition, I was able to disengage, and then reengage my safety without even thinking about it.



I recently attended my second Costa Ludus course in Southington, Ohio, completing CE01. Prior to that I completed HE01 last summer. As a health care professional (ER Physician), and a driven personality, I enjoyed the attitude and mindset that underlies each course. Far beyond weapons manipulation/ skills, I truly appreciate and respect the stresses on “real world” scenarios and decision making. The drills are purposeful and evolve seamlessly throughout the 3 day course.


On a more personal note, it is wonderful to be around driven, like-minded individuals and the camaraderie cannot be overstated. I look forward to enrolling in future courses (planning on HE02 in August). The skills/mindset/attitude will travel with me in life and most assuredly will aid me in all aspects of my personal and professional endeavors. Thank you again.

My review of the Costa Ludus VET class held in Wyoming in June 2015. I wanted to take a class that allowed me to start to shoot and move in and around “things” and people. This class did all that and more, we started out working with empty weapons and by the time we were done with each section we were running 4 people (live fire) in the vehicle, working both pistols and rifles. At the end of 3 days and a few thousand rounds, you feel you have made progress and go home with lots of new ways to work and think. Chris has a great saying which goes something like this…I am not a concerned with how you run the gun when all is going well, but how you run the gun when it’s not…..He is a great teacher, he shows you the proper way to do things, backs off lets you run it, comes back, makes adjustments, compliments you when you get it, and is not afraid to get on you if you make a safety mistake. AND just about the time you think you are mastering things, he turns up the heat, throws you a curve, gets in your ear, all to show you that you should never take things for granted and keep training and thinking, because there is always room for improvement. The above statement is true with every class I have taken with Costa Ludus.


I am a 53-year-old self-employed guy, who could be in better shape. I started taking classes a few years ago with the idea that I wanted to do some 3-gun competitions. I realized I actually enjoyed taking classes, meeting other students, and seeing other shooting facilities….it has become my hobby. I am not ex-military or LEO — just a normal guy who likes to shoot. I can tell you that the military and LEOs that take Costa’s classes are every bit a impressed as me with the knowledge, the what, and the how Chris trains